9 Mistakes Every Investor Should Avoid Like The Plague To Ensure Their Success In Today’s Market

In the world of real estate investing their are many ways to make money, do deals, structure financing, etc. that will work in today’s economy, but the real career killer for most real estate investors are the hidden mistakes that, if you’re not careful to avoid, can doom a business before it even gets off the ground.

Today let’s take a look at 9 of the most common and most dangerous mistakes that investors make and how to avoid them.

1.  Taking on the seller’s mortgage yourself

If you take on the mortgage yourself, you are help personally responsible for the property and you’re credit will be affected directly. You do not want that. You do not want to deal with a bank or ‘owe’ them anything because that means you don’t own the property. There are too many rules and regulations you have to follow if you don’t own the property. Find the funding to purchase the property in full so you can own it in full and not have to worry about that.

2. Not bringing in enough leads

By far, the most important piece to a successful real estate business are the deals you do. In order to do deals, you need leads. With that said, the more leads you generate, the more potential deals you have available to you. Not only that, but because you have so many leads at your disposal, you have the ability to pick and choose which leads you want to pursue. Remember this quote, “More leads equals more offers equals more paychecks.”

Don’t let yourself think that a handful of leads all at once are sufficient. You need a consistent flow of leads to maintain your business. If you don’t have […]

Which Real Estate Funding Option is Best for You?

If you’re an experienced real estate investor, then you know there are several different ways to fund a deal. You’ve probably had to consider and/or use several funding sources at one point. However, If you’re just starting out in the real estate business, you may still have be confused as to what types of funding real estate investors need for different types of deals. Regardless of your experience, you need to fully understand the different types of funding available to you in today’s market and when to use them.

Here’s a list of the top six ways most investor’s fund their deals:

Your own cash
Transactional funding
Hard money
Taking over the seller’s mortgage
Private lenders

The type of funding you choose for your deal depends on the type of deal you are doing.  Make sure you know which type of funding is most suitable for each deal you do.

Funding Your Own Deals

Most investors do not have the resources to pay all cash for a property. Even if you do, you shouldn’t use it unless you are planning to sell quickly or refinance immediately. You don’t want your liquidity tied up for a long period of time for obvious reasons. Be smart before investing your own money. Think of it this way, if you empty your account on one or a few properties, you could miss out on other potential deals while waiting to make back your investment.

Bank Funding

A bank is a great choice if you wish to spend your time getting tormented and answering in depth questions just to find out they won’t lend to you anyway. The interrogation and embarrassment they put you through, especially if you are self-employed, will make you feel almost guilty for some crime you […]

The Significance Of Cash Buyers

By far, the most important piece of real estate investing is your ability to sell the property and cash in your paycheck. One of the most important things you need to accomplish this is buyers! The best type of buyer in the real estate business is by far a cash buyer. Cash buyers do not need to involve banks, they are not going for hard money, and overall they cause much less hassle in the transaction. You won’t have to worry about a buyer backing out of a deal because they can’t get the proper funding if you deal directly with cash buyers either. In this business, losing your buyer is the worst thing that can happen. Cash buyers have the funds on hand, so they aren’t waiting on funding from a different source.

Here’s a breakdown of some of the most important details every investor needs to know about cash buyers before they start using them:

Locating Cash Buyers

Finding cash buyers can be significantly difficult. You might be thinking, “No it isn’t. It’s all public record.” Well, you could search the public record if you want, but the problem with that is that the minute you do find a cash buyer, the data becomes out dated. As an active real estate investor, you need up-to-date data at all times. Some towns have their data computerized, and that makes it a little bit easier. Unfortunately, many towns don’t, and that makes it very tough for the average investor to get their hands on what they need.

Not only can it be tough, but it’s also very time consuming. You have to search through one record at a time and pick investors based on a single transaction. Some […]

Vacant Houses, The Key to success In Real Estate Investing

Why Should You Invest In Vacant Houses?

There are vacant houses in every neighborhood and around every corner in the United States. It’s obvious they are vacant by the overgrown lawn, stuffed mailboxes, and other unpleasant sights. They really do stick out like a sore thumb if you start looking for them.

There are two main reasons why the property could be vacant: The property has been foreclosed on or the property owner is in a bad situation such as a family crisis or admittance into a facility that prevents them from coming home; hospital, jail, etc. Regardless of the reason why the property is vacant, the longer it sits there unoccupied, the more it will devalue other properties in the neighborhood.

This is where we, the real estate investors, come into the picture. We have the ability to help these property owners and their neighborhoods. Of course, we still want to be able to make money for ourselves, but in the long run, the higher the value of an area, the more money we could potentially make from the deals in that area.

There are so many cities throughout the nation that have buildings or entire blocks in need of revitalization. Unfortunately, there are not many people with the funds or resources to do something about it. In many cases, the cities or towns don’t even try to make the investment. This is why real estate investors are so important. We come into these towns, buy up these houses, fix them up and resell them. So many of these places could be turned around and become thriving areas full of new buildings, businesses, parks, schools, etc.

All it takes is one property to be left alone for an […]

Why are foreclosures important to real estate investors?

In the last few years, foreclosures have become one of the biggest opportunities for real estate investors without a doubt. There are foreclosed properties all around and there always will be, in fact this is the best time to get on the bandwagon and start investing in foreclosures.

The process for making money with foreclosure properties is relatively simple and takes little to no time in many cases. All you need to do is find a deal, flip it, make a fair profit and move on. The objective is not to hold on to the property, fix it up and make a huge profit. That requires work and a lot more time. When you look at just the dollars and cents of the matter, you can make the same amount of money by flipping a few houses in a short period of time with less risk and less headaches. Your time is more valuable and should be spent finding potential deals and buyers, not making repairs or playing ‘Bob the Builder’ on long-term expensive projects.

The most successful investors know the benefits of buying and reselling properties quickly. Not having to deal with the hassles of long term funding, tenants, repairs, etc. is a huge plus, but having the ability to make a quick profit is what makes this so appealing.

The owner of a foreclosed property will lose money until the property is sold. Because of this fact, you will have the opportunity to buy foreclosures at a deep discount. When you buy at a deep discount, you can also sell at a deep discount. Any property can sell if you sell it cheap enough, and as a matter of fact, any property will sell quickly […]

Cracking the code To Creative Real Estate

If there is one thing that I have learned over the last two decades, it’s that in order to be successful in the real estate business, you need to be creative. That’s what I want to focus on today, creative real estate. Creativity is important in any business, it’s just especially important in real estate. If you’re not in this business yet, well there’s a heads up for you.

My name is Cameron Dunlap and I’ve been investing in real estate for a long time. Two decades to be exact. I’ve been involved in a number of different transactions in several different markets. One of the main reasons why I’ve seen and done so much is because I focus on creative real estate strategies. From time to time, you’ll even hear others refer to me as the “Transaction Technician” because I am constantly coming up with creative ways to get things done and make things work.

I use two of my most valuable creative techniques for finding properties and determining the market value of each property without having to physically see it. That’s what I want to share with you today.

Let me tell you a funny story. I got involved in real estate because I saw an infomercial late one night that convinced me I could easily make money in this business. Yes, an infomercial. I thought I could handle everything on my own, and that’s exactly what I did. The first property I invested in was a rehab deal about 4 hours away. Smart thinking. I spent 8 hours each weekend driving to the property and then spent the remainder of the weekend making repairs on my own. The real estate agent told me it […]

Achieving Success in Real Estate Investing

Achieving success is a process. No one just wakes up one day as a success.It’s earned through hard work and taking the appropriate actions towards your goals. Knowing the main keys to becoming a success will help you to grow your business to all new levels in the fastest time possible.

Find your why. 

To be successful in life you need to know exactly why you want to be successful. If you don’t, you more than likely never will be. When you take a look into your future, what will you be spending your money on? Debt, a house, vacation, retirement, or what? You must know why before you can truly achieve success. Your why is what motivates and drives you when other want to quit. The end game must be clear, or you won’t feel as if you are achieving anything.

Be real and open in everything that you do. 

If you aren’t authentic, people will easily recognize your fraudulence. Your credibility will diminish, and you will have difficulty establishing trust once it’s lost. Everyone has imperfections and in some cases, people appreciate you even more for having them. Make sure you don’t cover them up for the sake of being perfect because someone will discover you’re a fraud and call you out, which you never wan tto happen. Being an open person will gives those around you the chance to relate to you, which will in turn give them a reason to look up to you and trust you. That’s exactly what you want. Don’t give them any reason to doubt you.

Be open to opportunity. 

New opportunities arise all of the time. It doesn’t matter where or how; you need to be ready and take advantage of […]